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Platinum Ore PGMs Merensky Reef South Africa

Platinum Ore Merensky Reef South Africa
Platinum Ore Merensky Reef South Africa
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Platinum Ore Merensky Reef South Africa
Platinum ore from the Merensky Reef in South Africa has been found to contain the platinum group elements which are: platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, and osmium. They are referred to as PGMs (platinum group metals) or PGEs (platinum group elements). These elements have similar physical and chemical properties and tend to be found together in nature.

The initial recovery of platinum in South Africa took place in the East Rand gold mines. The first platinum mine was a short lived venture near Naboomspruit, which worked a few very patchy quartz reefs. The discovery of the Bushveld Igneous Complex (BIC) deposits was made in 1924, and was an alluvial deposit first recognized by the geologist Hans Merensky. Merensky’s prospecting work discovered the Bushveld Igneous Complex and traced it for several hundred kilometers.

Since then, the Bushveld Igneous Complex has been found to contain the largest reserves of PGMs or PGEs in the world. It is thought to contain about 75 percent of the world’s platinum and about 50 percent of the world's palladium resources.

Extensive mining of the Merensky Reef for its platinum metals was not economically feasible until an upsurge in the demand for the platinum group elements in the 1950s, which has made their exploitation very lucrative ever since.

This ore contains PGMs or PGEs and came from the Merensky Reef, South Africa.

Size of the Specimen: 37mm L X 27mm W X 21mm D

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Platinum ore from South Africa is rare. Very nice specimen.

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