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Authentic Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Necklace Pendant - New!
Regular price: $220.00
Sale price: $185.00
RMS Titanic Sunken Shipwreck Coal Memorabilia Display Large
Regular price: $320.00
Sale price: $285.00
Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand Ring Sterling Silver - Now Available!
Regular price: $265.00
Sale price: $220.00
Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14k Pendant Necklace Chain
Regular price: $395.00
Sale price: $365.00
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Glass 14k Gold Pendant
Regular price: $499.99
Sale price: $420.00
Authentic RMS Titanic Coal Sterling Silver with Pearl
Regular price: $320.00
Sale price: $265.00
Anasazi Pottery Jewelry Pendant Sterling Silver
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $150.00
Hoba Meteorite Iron Shale Namibia
Grand Tour Periodic Table Elements Mineral Collection
Regular price: $695.00
Sale price: $565.00
Victorian Woman Mammoth Ivory Pendant 14k Gold
Regular price: $550.00
Sale price: $425.00
Gunflint Chert Stromatolite
Regular price: $220.00
Sale price: $195.00
Fulgurite Lighting Sand Glass "Icarus"
Regular price: $195.00
Sale price: $175.00
 Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver
Regular price: $395.00
Sale price: $365.00
Egyptian Seated Scribe Statue Reproduction
Regular price: $165.00
Sale price: $145.00
Green Trinitite Atomite Atomic Glass
Regular price: $135.00
Sale price: $120.00
Sciencemall-usa is a science mall online gift shop and store that sells to science hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts. We have been dedicated to serving the science collector, mineral collector, and adult science enthusiast now for over 23 years. We have a wide selection of scientific estate rock and minerals specimens and gifts. We also specialize in custom meteorite and lightning sand jewelry, science art, world minerals specimens, archaeology tablets and bone carvings. We have: custom meteorite jewelry - meteorite jewelry pendants, meteorite jewelry necklaces, meteorite jewelry earrings, meteorite rings - rare minerals, fulgurite lightning sand jewelry, Libyan Desert Glass jewelry, Authentic Titanic Coal, rare rocks, banded iron formation, earth's oldest rocks, school rock collections, K-Pg boundary and much more! Additionally we have Lichtenberg captured lightning fractal art figures, amber, mammoth ivory jewelry, and fossil bone jewelry and fossil sculptures. We do ship world wide and we are a Covid-19 Free Facility!

Sciencemall-USA.com is America's science geek gifts online internet store. We have a wide assortment of science specimens and gifts, iron and stony meteorite jewelry pendants, pallasite meteorite necklaces, iron meteorite earrings, rings, science geek gifts, fulgurite lightning sand glass, science art, archaeology statues, rare rocks, rare mineral element specimens, school rock collections, Titanic coal jewelry, mammoth ivory and even weird stuff!

All items on our website ship from an exceptionally clean, contained, internet only, Covid-19 Free Facility.

We do provide gift wrap services, make custom jewelry of all types, and ship worldwide.

We do NOT perform XRF analysis, meteorite identification or verifications for general public use.

Geological specimen trade suggestions are welcomed and we do trade for materials from professional, reliable sources.

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