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Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand Ring Sterling Silver
Regular price: $265.00
Sale price: $220.00
Libyan Desert Glass Cosmic Space Jewelry
Regular price: $395.00
Sale price: $365.00
Fulgurite Large "Icicle" Glass
Regular price: $320.00
Sale price: $260.00
Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt "Faux Amphibolite" Hudson Bay Canada
Regular price: $465.00
Sale price: $420.00
White Fulgurite Lightning Sand Pendant Necklace Earrings Set Sterling Silver
Regular price: $595.00
Sale price: $460.00
Rosetta Stone Hieroglyphics Mug Set
Regular price: $120.00
Sale price: $99.95
Megalodon Shark Tooth Scrimshaw Carcharocles Megalodon New Caledonia
Regular price: $1,250.00
Sale price: $1,150.00
Moonstone Garnet 14k Gold Pendant Jewelry
Regular price: $695.00
Sale price: $620.00
Amarna Princess Statuette Professional  Reproduction
Regular price: $165.00
Sale price: $120.00
Red Trinitite Atomite
Regular price: $220.00
Sale price: $195.00
Jack Hills Zircon Minerals Rough Rock Specimen
Regular price: $395.00
Sale price: $320.00
Premium Beaverhead Shatter Cone 38 lb
Regular price: $720.00
Sale price: $695.00
Sciencemall-usa is a science mall online gift store dedicated to selling science gifts, custom meteorite and fulgurite lightning sand jewelry, rare rocks, rare minerals, and gemstones. We have been in business for over 21 years and our customers range from Hollywood studios to professional researchers. Shop with us and enjoy learning about how cool science really is!

Sciencemall-USA.com is America's science geek gifts online internet store. We have a wide assortment of science gifts, meteorite jewelry, fulgurite lightning sand glass, Libyan Desert Glass, periodic table elements collections, archaeology statues, rare rocks, rare mineral specimens, Earth's oldest rocks, Trinitite, stromatolites, fossil mall, Titanic coal jewelry, mammoth ivory and more!

All items on our website ship from an internet only facility.

We do provide gift wrap services, make custom jewelry of all types, and ship worldwide.

Geological specimen trade suggestions are welcomed and we do also pay cash and arrange for consignment of materials from professional, reliable sources.

You can call or text us (fastest way) 360 days a year with questions at: 641-231-2151

Please stop, shop, and enjoy! Email: scimallusa@yahoo.com

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