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Authentic Titanic Coal Sterling Silver with Pearl Pendant Necklace
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Sale price: $175.00
Life and the Pursuit of Happiness Motivational Poster
Regular price: $65.00
Sale price: $55.00
Infinity Camille Flammarion Universe Poster
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Sale price: $49.95
Authentic Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver with Quality Black Chain
Authentic Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace Stainless Steel
Meteorite Jewelry Earrings Campo del Cielo
Regular price: $85.00
Sale price: $75.00
Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge Material NEW
Regular price: $135.00
Sale price: $125.00
"Force of Nature" Lightning Sand Wind Chime, Large - NEW
Regular price: $795.00
Sale price: $660.00
Large Polished Ammonite Shloenbacchia
Regular price: $660.00
Sale price: $495.00
Moonstone Garnet 14K Gold Jewelry
Regular price: $725.00
Sale price: $665.00
Manganese Nodule Well-Defined Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone NEW
Regular price: $155.00
Sale price: $135.00
Giant Syrinx Sea Shell
Regular price: $385.00
Sale price: $365.00
Sciencemall-usa.com is an internet store, based in the state of Iowa, USA. We are dedicated to the adult science enthusiast, science lover, science geek, scientists and collectors; hobbyist, and science educators who is searching for specific specimens to add to their science collection. Science lovers, science hobbyist, science educators and curious minds can find meteorites, legendary meteorite jewelry pendant necklaces and earrings, meteorites rocks from space, rare rocks and minerals, lightning sand fulgurites, specialty rare earth minerals and much more here! Science jewelry and science novelty gifts are our specialty along with science posters and rare science specialty specimens, such as the elements of the periodic table. If you are looking for that hard to find specimen for your special science collection our web store probably has what you are looking for.

We sell rare rocks, rare minerals matrix, shatter cones, radioactive minerals, geology rock collections, science art posters and prints, and science art decor. We have rare mineral geological display collectibles and professional archaeology tablet reproductions, and bone carvings. Science Mall USA also sells trinitite (Atomite, collected in 1948), impact rocks, K-Pg, K-T boundary, manganese nodules and petroglyph wall art. You will find beautiful science art decor posters that creatively accent a room, Titanic coal jewelry, unique desk display pieces, giant sea shells and jaws, and many other diverse scientific products in our online store.

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Sciencemall-usa.com is an internet store based in the state of Iowa, USA. We are dedicated to the adult science enthusiast, science lover, science geek, scientists and collectors; hobbyist, and science educator looking for that perfect science geek gift or something special. We feature science geek novelty gifts, authentic meteorites, meteorite jewelry pendant necklace earrings in stainless steel, sterling silver and 14k gold. We also have earth's oldest rocks, earth's oldest fossil life, earth's rarest rare minerals, lightning sand fulgurite, Libyan Desert glass jewelry, shatter cones, meteorite impact materials, KT-boundary, radioactive minerals, fossils, and science jewelry. If you are looking for authentic online collectibles for your special science collection, rare estate collectibles, historical science and even Christmas holiday geek science gifts, our web store can help you find what you are looking for.

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