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Oklo Nuclear Reactor Gabon Africa Mineral Specimen

Oklo Nuclear Reactor Minerals Gabon Africa
Oklo Nuclear Reactor Minerals Gabon Africa
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Oklo Nuclear Reactor Minerals Gabon Africa
The famous Oklo mine consists of 16 sites and is located in the country of Gabon, Africa. The mines are the location for a self-sustaining, all natural nuclear fission reactor that dates back about 1.7 BYA. The natural nuclear fission reactions ran for hundreds of thousands of years. It could have reached criticality with the neutron moderator being natural water and the unique geological layering of the deposits in the region.

Specimen Minerals: Chervetite xls, Fracevillite xls, Mounanaite xls, Vanuralite xls

Overall size: 21mm L X 17mm W X 11mm D. Crystals: 1mm; Locality: Haut-Ogooué (Oklo)/ Gabon

Ships in display case with tag, tag stand, information and Certificate of Authenticity.

This specimen makes a very unique addition to any serious geological collection. The location and the history of this site is a one-of-a-kind for our planet.

Note: Due to the small size of the specimen the radioactivity is medium. As with ANY mineral specimen, handle with care and wash your hands after handling.

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