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Geology of the Moon Analog Rocks with Lunar Simulant Soil Glass

Moon Rocks Earth Rocks Study Set Lunar Simulant
Moon Rocks Earth Rocks Study Set Lunar Simulant
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Product Description

This is a great study set for studying the geology of the Moon. These 17 unique geological specimens are lunar simulant analogues of the rocks and minerals brought back to Earth from the Moon, by the Apollo astronauts. Many of the specimens are rare, and 4 glass vials contain carefully created simulants of lunar dust, lunar soil, and lunar volcanic glasses.

These are great, hard-to-find items and it is a well-designed study set for studying lunar mineralogy, all in one place.

Did you know that there were 28 varietal colored glasses found on the moon? That is a lot of different colored volcanic glasses! Some of the specimens are the pristine anorthosite, rare troilite, whitlockite and (note) now 3 glass vials that contain carefully created simulants of JSP lunar soil, and two lunar volcanic glasses, on red and one varietal glass.

This is a great study set for geologists, teachers, universities and education outreach programs.

Arrives with detailed 11" X 17" folded information sheet and numbers coded to specimens for easy learning.

All study sets are similar to the picture yet different. 5 available.

PLEASE NOTE: *Simulants means these specimens are NOT from the Moon, but are from the Earth.

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