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Jack Hills Zircon Minerals in Rough Rock Specimen

Jack Hills Zircon Minerals in Rough Rock Specimen
Jack Hills Zircon Minerals in Rough Rock Specimen
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Jack Hills Zircon Minerals in Rough Rock Specimen
The Jack Hills are located in the Narryer Gneiss Terrane of the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, and comprise an 80 km long northeast-trending belt of folded and metamorphosed supracrustal rocks. Zircon has been used extensively in providing reliable U-Pb crystallization ages. Zircon minerals of 4,404 +/- 8 Ma have been obtained from a sedimentary gneiss in the Jack Hills of the Narryer Gneiss Terrane of Australia. The zircons from Jack Hills, returned an age of 4.404 billion years, interpreted to be the age of crystallization.

These zircons also show another interesting feature - their oxygen isotopic composition has been interpreted to indicate that more than 4.4 billion years ago there may have been water on the surface of the Earth. Many zircon crystals dating to 4.4 Ga were found in the Jack Hills and may be the current oldest known terrestrial material on Earth.

Specimen size: 50mm L X 40mm W X 11mm D

Legally obtained and guaranteed authentic Jensan Scientifics LLC, Obtained in a scientific trade with a major scientific institution.

Ships in see-thru display case with information and authenticity. Stands not included. Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, tag and perky display case.

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