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Icelandite Mars Analog Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge Material NEW
Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge Material NEW
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Product Description

Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge Material NEW
Icelandite Mars Analog, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Rare Locality

Icelandite is a very specific sub-variety of andesite, a volcanic rock associated with basalt. This specimen was obtained near the mid-Atlantic ridge that runs through Iceland.

Icelandite was once described as being called the "closest thing on Earth to the rocks found at the (Mars) Pathfinder landing site".

It is a variety of intermediate volcanic rock containing phenocrysts of andesine, clinopyroxene and/or orthopyroxene and/or pigeonite and less commonly olivine in a groundmass of the same minerals. It differs chemically from a typical orogenic andesite in being poorer in alumina and richer in iron.

Source: Iceland

Specimen Size: 40mm H X 30mm W X 23mm D, Weight: 28.5 grams

Specimen ships in a perky see-thru container with information and tag. Stands and cube not included.