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Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge Material
Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge Material
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Product Description

Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge Material
Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Rare Locality

Icelandite is a very specific sub-variety of andesite, a volcanic rock associated with basalt. This specimen was obtained at the mid-Atlantic ridge that runs through Iceland, at a location called Žingvellir.

Žingvellir, Iceland, is a place of geological significance as it is located in the rift valley where the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is best displayed. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is primarily a submarine ridge that is situated on the Atlantic Ocean floor and is a part of a multiple ocean ridge system (Pacific, Indian Oceans) that sprawls some 52,000 miles, like the seam of a baseball, around the Earth. Only about 10% of this extensive submarine ridge mountain system is accessible to view on land.

Icelandite is a variety of intermediate volcanic rock containing phenocrysts of andesine, clinopyroxene and/or orthopyroxene and/or pigeonite and less commonly olivine in a groundmass of the same minerals. It differs chemically from a typical orogenic andesite in being poorer in aluminum and richer in iron.

Icelandite was once described as being called the "closest thing on Earth to the rocks found at the (Mars) Pathfinder landing site."

Specimen Size: 40mm H X 36mm W X 15mm D.

The specimen ships with the tag, display case, Certificate of Authenticity and information about the specimen.

Collected in 2001.

Stands and cube not included. Click on image to enlarge.


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