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Dallol Depression Hydrothermal Pipe Ethiopia

Dallol Depression Hydrothermal Pipe Ethiopia
Dallol Depression Hydrothermal Pipe Ethiopia
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Dallol Depression Hydrothermal Pipe Ethiopia
The Dallol Depression is home to a literal geologic furnace of activity, and is the focal point for several tectonic plates which meet in an area called “the Afar.” The Dallol occupies a region that is an extension of the North African Rift Zone. It is a treacherous, remote area to travel in and is one of the hottest places found anywhere on Earth. The last significant phreatic eruption occurred in 1926, and the only visible current activity is in the form of hot brine springs.

The chemical consistency of this specimen is similar to other hot brines that percolate salt, iron oxide, sulfur and potash. The hot springs in the Dallol region are similar to the hot springs areas of Yellowstone Park and The Valley of Geysers on Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.

Size: 34mm H X 30mm W X 19mm D

Ships in a perky geological display box with information, tag and Certificate of Authenticity. Obtained in a scientific trade of materials with a geological institution.

This is an extremely rare specimen from very remote area and would make a great addition to any serious geological collection.

XRF included!


Stands and cube not included.

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