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Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace Victorian Style - Exotic NWA 3119

Authentic Meteorite Necklace Pendant Jewelry Victorian Style NWA 3119
Authentic Meteorite Necklace Pendant Jewelry Victorian Style NWA 3119
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Product Description

Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace Jewelry Victorian Style - Exotic NWA 3119, Sterling Silver

This quality meteorite jewelry pendant was made by a professional artisan using a beautiful, exotic and unusual meteorite - NWA 3119. This meteorite was discovered in 2003, in North West Africa. It is chocked full of unusual, small, pebble-like rock clasts, that were thrown together during its formation. Its light and dark features make it an outstanding meteorite to use as jewelry.

Size: 35mmL X 25mm W X 6mm D.

Meteorites are believed to be small fragments of asteroids, broken off and ejected mainly from the asteroid belt. They are about seven hundred million years older than the oldest rocks on Earth, making them, in our brief lifetimes “eternal.”

Metaphysical lore: Meteorites bring energy from the universe. They ground creative and emotional energies. They help us to focus on our purpose on this planet. They are thought to encourage endurance, stamina and introspection.

Ships with information and certificate of authenticity.

Great quality meteorite necklace pendant jewelry! Makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

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