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Snowball Earth Rock Specimen First Snowball Earth

Snowball Earth Rare Rock Specimen First Snowball Earth
Snowball Earth Rare Rock Specimen First Snowball Earth
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Snowball Earth Rare Rock Specimen First Snowball Earth
How did the Snowball Earth hypothesis get started?This theory was originally based on paleomagnetic studies. It was thought that the entirety of the Earth was frozen over from pole to pole, all the way solid to the equator. The indications for a Snowball Earth were that tropical glacial deposits have been found in equatorial paleoaltitudes along with "dropstones" carried by glaciers, discovered in various places. There has been some debate about whether the Earth was entirely locked in ice or was something more akin to a "slush-ball."

Specimen size: 62mm H X 40mm W X 27mm; 2 1/2" H X 1 1/2" W X 1" D

Ships in a specimen display box with information, tag, tag stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Acrylic base and cube not included. Detailed information about the other Snowball Earth events included!

About the specimen:This specimen was recovered among the glacial till in the Espanola Formation, a part of the Huronian Supergroup of Canada, and is dated to a period from 2.2 Ga to 2.21 Ga. This supergroup contains capstone carbonates. Capstone carbonates can form in deep methane sinks and can also be found in warm oceans. Being that both glacial till and cap carbonates were found together lends credibility to the theory that during this time the Earth was entirely covered in ice, especially with dating associated to the time of the very first known Snowball Earth.

This is a very unique opportunity to obtain an extremely rare and interesting specimen from one of Earth's major geological events.

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