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The Periodic Table of the Cosmos Elements Poster

 The Periodic Table of the Cosmos Elements Poster
The Periodic Table of the Cosmos Elements Poster
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Product Description

 The Periodic Table of the Cosmos Elements Poster
The cosmos is explored in an interesting new way with this colorful periodic table elements poster as the tour guide. The chemical symbols of the elements for this periodic table serves as the basis for exploring the cosmos. This method helps to enhance an understanding in the diversity of the objects, stars, constellations, and discoveries made about our fascinating universe.

The poster links the element’s chemical symbol to such topics as: Big Dipper, the Moon, Hypergiants, Red Dwarfs, the Pacman Nebula and more!

This colorful wall display will be engaging for hours as our incredible cosmos is explored through fascinating images and easily understood descriptions.

Researched, produced and developed by Jensan Scientifics LLC. Poster Copyright 2015; Info sheet copyright 2022. Still a classic!

This single side laminated poster measures 26” W X 38” L. A 2-sided information sheet that includes additional information, with questions and answers about the poster is also included.

Learn new, fun science facts in a creative way!

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