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Isua Greenstone Belt Banded Iron Greenland

Isua Greenstone Belt Banded Iron Greenland
Isua Greenstone Belt Banded Iron Greenland
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Isua Greenstone Belt Banded Iron Greenland
The Isua Greenstone Banded Iron Formation has been studied by scientists because the region contains evidence for the oldest, best-preserved ancient plate tectonic sequences on Earth. Within it are some areas that have experienced relatively low deformation and alteration to the original rock sequences since the formation of our planet. These are the geologists "snapshots" of the early Earth.

This Greenstone belt has an estimated age of approximately 3.8 billion years and contains variably metamorphosed mafic volcanic and sedimentary rocks. Scientists think they had found what is biogenic material in the form of stromatolites, in 2016.

If this is ever agreed on and confirmed, this discovery of complex stromatolite structures at Isua so early in the history of the Earth would suggest that the earliest life on Earth could have evolved over 4 billion years ago. It is thought that the Hadean Earth’s surface conditions would make life difficult to evolve, due to early heavy asteroid bombardment. Scientists struggle with the “stromatolite evidence” as these features are open to interpretation and could be the result of geological processes and deformation.

Size: 35mm H X 23mm W X 20mm D, photos are of the front and side. Scientific marker notation lines of unknown significance on top smaller side.

Ships in a perky protective case with tag, tag stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Acrylic stand and photographic cube not included.

Legally obtained in a materials trade with a scientific institution.

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