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The "Grand Tour" the Ultimate in Periodic Tables - Clearance Price

Grand Tour of the Periodic Table Mineral
Grand Tour of the Periodic Table Mineral
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Product Description

The Grand Tour of the Periodic Table the Most Unique Periodic Collection Ever!

THE Museum Display Collection - the Ultimate in Periodic Tables! Fantastic choice for use in Science Olympiad and a multitude of other scientific teaching applications.

We have brought back this phenomenal teaching collection with guide by popular demand. It is ideal for use in chemistry, biology, earth science,physics, mineralogy, astronomy and or teaching/exhibits.

The set presents 60 specimens of minerals (all keyed to a chart for easy identification) that contain specific elements from the Periodic Table. Many of the specimens are rare, some are crystals, and all are beautiful examples of the exemplary treasures of the Earth.

The set includes an 8-part, 350-page color Teacher's Guide, student hand-out sheets, event questions and answers, and an 11 inch X 14 inch laminated fold-out guide to the Periodic Table keyed to minerals and elements.

All specimens are numbered and match an identification chart.

Also great for use in educational outreach programs.

The study guide was written by Sarah Kennedy, Jensan Scientifics, and Dr. James Kaler, University of Illinois, Urbana. Dr. Kaler is a Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, earned his A.B. at the University of Michigan, his Ph.D. at UCLA, and has been at the University of Illinois since 1964. His research area, in which he published more than 120 papers, involved dying stars. Professor Kaler has held Fulbright and Guggenheim Fellowships.

The price of this set is going to continue to increase each year because of mine closings and the many rare minerals in this set are increasingly difficult to obtain.

This is the periodic table as you have never seen or thought of in this way before!

Further Information: Of the 118 elements on the periodic table 36 are synthetic, rare radioactive and/or often artificially created and are completely "unavailable." When we subtract these there are 82 remaining and we subtracted the gases (#10, 18, 36, 54), leaving 78 possible elements. Of those left, there is rubidium, thorium and uranium, which are present in the specimens provided. So - of the 60 specimens in this set 78 elements ARE represented, some of which are redundant because multiple elements can be found in the platinum group and the rare earth specimens. The remaining you need a special laboratory to produce anyway, because they are synthetic and only exist for a moment.

This set is the very closest you will get to the entire periodic table representatives.

Unequivocally the most diverse and unique geological study set you will ever own!

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