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Awesome Genuine Baculite Exceptional Specimen Large

Fossil Baculite South Dakota
Fossil Baculite South Dakota
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Fossil Baculite South Dakota
Baculites ("walking stick rock") are an extinct cephalopod genus with a nearly straight shell. They are included in the heteromorph ammonites.

Like other ammonites their shell consisted of a series of chambers that were connected to the animal by a narrow tube called a siphuncle, by which buoyancy and gas content could be regulated. This is similar to today's nautilus. The chambers are separated by walls called septa. The line where each septum meets the outer shell is called the suture or suture line.

Similar to other ammonites, Baculites have intricate suture patterns on their shells that can be used to identify the various species. They lived worldwide during the late Cretaceous period.

This fossil is from South Dakota. The original nacre is easily seen on the specimen. This baculite has a minor crack that is visible which has undergone minor restoration and the specimen is very solid throughout. It has exceptional pyritization on one end. It also has excellent suture lines.

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