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Fulgurite Lightning Sand Glass Tube Beautiful Grains

Fulgurite Lightning Sand Quality Glass Tube
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Quality Glass Tube
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Product Description

Fulgurite Lightning Sand Quality Glass Tube
This premium fulgurite is mostly white, with interspersing light gray. Captured "fossilized lightning" under a domed glass with walnut base. Fulgurites are uncommon naturally occurring glass created by the heat of a lightning bolt, hotter then the surface of the sun fusing sand into a tube-like form.

This fulgurite glass tube is lined with smooth glass which is readily seen on both the top and bottom. The color of this fulgurite is of the much rarer, more whitish variety. This is an all naturally made lightning sand glass tube.

We named this fulgurite "bushy." It has many angular grains naturally welded together from the searing heat of the lightning strike, hence the name.

This lightning sand glass is just like out of the Hollywood movie, "Sweet Home, Alabama," only it is the real stuff!

The total display with dome size is: 3" L X 2 7/8" diameter. Fulgurite size: 1 3/4" X 1" W X 1/2" D. Location found: New Zealand.

Ships the domed display case with walnut base, Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand and information about fulgurite lightning sand. The fulgurite attaches to the walnut base with mineral tack. Photo cube not included.

Lore of fulgurite lightning sand promotes: Good Luck, Success, Enthusiasm, Insight, Hope, Creativity, Serendipity, Motivation, Inspiration a Renewal of Spirit and New Beginnings.

Fulgurites make great gift ideas for that hard to shop for person. Romantic, individual, uplifting and imaginative! Antique World Explorer's gift wrap and messaging available.

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