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Rare Rocks Geological Oddities and Extremophiles

Welcome to Sciencemall-usa.com, an online store featuring many valuable scientific collection resources, including rare rocks , rare geological oddities and rare extremophile bearing rocks.

Icelandite Mid-Atlantic Ridge Material
Regular price: $145.00
Sale price: $125.00
Earth's Oldest Fossil Life 7 Specimen Scientific Display
Regular price: $365.00
Sale price: $320.00
White Smoker Freshwater Vent Pipe NEW
Regular price: $495.00
Sale price: $465.00
Grand Tour of the Periodic Table Mineral
Regular price: $995.00
Sale price: $699.95
Reticulite Hawaii - Sold!
"Hell's Gate" African Rift Valley Kenya Obsidian
Regular price: $220.00
Sale price: $195.00
El Tatio Geyserite Atacama Desert
Regular price: $265.00
Sale price: $225.00
Rapa Nui Easter Island Scoria
Regular price: $135.00
Sale price: $125.00
Anak Krakatoa Volcanic Bomb
Regular price: $245.00
Sale price: $220.00
Shungite Rare Precambrian Carbonaceous Rock NEW
Regular price: $145.00
Sale price: $125.00
Pahoehoe Basalt Lava Hawaii
Platy Extremophile Old Republic Mine
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $155.00
Kimberlite "Big Hole"
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $155.00
Polymetallic Manganese Nodule Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone
Regular price: $175.00
Sale price: $145.00