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Egyptian Scribe Statue Reproduction

Egyptian Scribe Statue Reproduction
Egyptian Scribe Statue Reproduction
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Egyptian Scribe Statue Reproduction
Egyptian Scribe Statue Reproduction

This replica is that of a scribe during the reign of Hatshepsut (Dynasty 18th). His name was Amenemhat. Wearing a traditional knee-length kilt and a bag wig, this scribe sits cross-legged with one knee raised. Both the position and the hieroglyphs on his upper arm identify him as a scribe. Scribes held an important place in ancient Egyptian society, as it is estimated that less than 5% of the population could read and write.

Amenemhat probably learned his skills in a royal temple school, and his abilities placed him in an elite sector of the population.

Additional texts carved on the statue base and across the lap of his kilt request offerings from the god Amun and Horus, lord of Buhen. In the text, some of Amenemhat's occupations or duties are mentioned. He was a "sturdy manager of the king," a "vigilant manager of the god's wife."

Statues such as this one were often placed in a temple or a shrine near the cult image of a god. This proximity would allow the statue's owner to magically share in the offerings left to the god.

While appearing completely Egyptianized, Amenemhat was in fact a native Nubian. He was the son of a man named Lesaw, who was a Nubian chieftain. During Dynasty 18 many Nubians were acculturated to the Egyptian way of life as Egypt's empire expanded southward into Nubia.

The statue is professionally shipped and is accompanied with information about the scribe reproduction.

Cast in Resin from the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

Size; 4"D X 4"W X 6" H

Crystal base not included but available on Amazon.

Excellent for home decor or as a cultural centerpiece.

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