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Amarna Princess Statue Penn Museum Professional Reproduction

Amarna Princess Statue Professional Reproduction
Amarna Princess Statue Professional Reproduction
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Amarna Princess Statue Professional Reproduction
There are various versions of the Amarna Princess. This cast resin reproduction is authentic and is from the Penn Museum's object #E14349. It is not to be confused with the Amarna Princess from The British Museum.

This reproduction of a statue of a princess is most likely from the late 18th Dynasty, reign of Akhenaten. Akhenaten and Nefertiti had six daughters, and representations of these royal princesses in relief and statuary are not uncommon. It is thought that this statuette is one of these daughters, wearing a gossamer pleated dress with a short sleeve. Her left arm is raised holding the sleeve out, looking almost like a small wing.

Experts are impressed with the Amarna Princess. "Although its head, arms and lower legs have not survived... the statuette is the most impressive example of its kind in the world." It might have originally been part of a double statue.

The original statuette (at the Penn Museum) provenience is Egypt, El Amarna. Period: New Kingdom, Eighteenth Dynasty. Date made: 1372-1354 BCE. Material: Limestone, pigment. Note: provenience is different from provenance.

Size: 6" H X 2 1/2" W X 2" D. Base is an additional size: 1" H X 3 1/4" W X 3" D.

Ships with information. This is a cast reproduction from the original at the Penn Museum. Professionally cast in the USA, in 2006.

If you enjoy learning about the history of ancient Egypt, have a collection of art about it, this Amarna Princess statuette would make a fine addition to that collection.

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