The Periodic Table for Science Geeks

Periodic Table for Science Geeks
Periodic Table for Science Geeks
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The Periodic Table for Science Geeks - New! 2014

The Periodic Table for Science Geeks was created for the science enthusiast, teachers, schools and individuals interested in learning more about the world and the universe. We have methodically taken each element on the periodic table and linked the chemical symbols to scientific inventions, concepts, theories, and explorations. The topics include astronomy, biology, geology, physics, archaeology, paleontology, computer science, math and science, and inventions.

There was a tedious selection process for content and design. Some of the choices were difficult because there were many interesting science concepts vying for the same symbol. Many were selected to reflect current science news.

Some of the original concepts for the periodic table have been kept. The element name is included, along with its weight and chemical symbol.

Size: 26.5" W X 38" L, Single-side Laminate, Copyright 2014, Jensan Scientifics, LLC

Comes with a single, double-sided information sheet.

Novel gift for the science enthusiast!

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