Infinity Flammarion Universe- Original Colors

Infinity Flammarion Universe Poster 16 X 20
Infinity Flammarion Universe Poster 16 X 20
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Infinity Flammarion Poster- Original Colors

Infinity Science Poster - "The Atmosphere" Flammarion print is the ultimate concept of "thinking outside the box." Brilliant colors, excellent quality! Celestial mechanics is depicted in this colored historical artwork.

Comes with detailed information on the front in small type which says: "This woodcut is from The Atmosphere by Camille Flammarion, published in 1873. Celestial mechanics. Colored historical artwork depicting a medieval pilgrim looking out from the sky (blue) to see the mechanics of the heavens (upper left). Cogs (yellow) can be seen in the left corner, with tracks that the Sun, moon and stars move along. This is an example of the classical geocentric (Ptolemaic) worldview that dates back to Ancient Greek times. It was replaced by the heliocentric (Copernican) model, proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus in 1543."

This colorful, artistic poster also comes in sizes 24" X 30"(medium size) and 28" X 36" (XL) - see this website's options for these other sizes.