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Museum Grade Stromatolite Algael Microbial Mat Earth's Early Life Form

Large Stromatolite Earth's Earliest Microbial Algael Life
Large Stromatolite Earth's Earliest Microbial Algael Life
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Large Stromatolite Earth's Earliest Microbial Algael Life
Stromatolites are fossilized algae colonies which scientists think we might find for life on Mars. They have been determined to be the oldest, and longest continually surviving lifeforms on Earth.

This beautiful museum grade specimen is from Wyoming and is named Chlorellopsis. It formed about 45 million years ago. It shows the characteristic botryoidal structure (lumpy - like a bunch of grapes, or a "brain" -like structuring) of the outer surface of the ancient colony. Other edges show the layered structure created by layer after layer of algal mat growth.

Size: Approximately 7 3/4" W X 7 1/4" H X 4.75" D, Weight: 8.3 lbs; Ships with information and Certificate of Authenticity.

Additional information: This stromatolite is cut flat on one side and was naturally polished by wind and sand. The distinctive coloration makes it a premium specimen. Since it is flat on the bottom it makes a great desk display.

This specimen is un-coated. If you have the option of natural or semi-gloss coating at checkout.

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