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XRF Testing Geology Analysis Service

<i><b>XRF Testing Analysis Service</i></b>  - New!!!
XRF testing is a great way to test that geological specimen that you would like to know more about. Our geological service now provides an analysis that is affordable, dependable and accurate.

What is X-ray fluorescence? It is a powerful technique for the rapid chemical analysis of geological materials. It is non-destructive and provides elemental concentrations from magnesium to uranium, down to the low parts per million level. XRF works by exposing a sample to short wavelength X-rays, causing temporary ionization as inner orbital electrons are displaced within the atom. Higher orbital electrons rush to fill the void of the displaced inner level electrons, which results in a photon of energy equal to the characteristic of the atom that is displaced. This photon is a fluorescent X-ray that can be measured and quantified using a detector that can sort all the emitted photons by individual element; the intensity of which is proportional to the concentration of the elements analyzed.

The benefits of a non-destructive chemical analysis allows for the quick identification of unknown rocks, minerals and even precious gemstones. Mineral end member composition and trace element substitution can also be accurately identified, such as manganoan calcite or chromium bearing muscovite (fuschite).

XRF Analysis As mentioned XRF analysis is completely non-destructive and all specimens sent in for analysis will be cared for like they first arrived to us. Upon completion, specimens will be returned at shipping cost, unless indicated "no return."

You will receive a pdf email with reported concentrations of all of the elements listed above, as well as an identification based on the chemical analysis.

The example above, shown on our website would have been denoted "pegmatite" on the report.

Please note: XRF cannot detect elements lighter than magnesium (sodium, lithium, carbon, etc.), as such analysis of materials containing high concentrations of light elements such as tourmaline may show low reported concentrations of the elements reported. For example, the analysis on a diamond may show <1% total elements reported, considering diamond is 99% carbon. However, considering an abundance of light elements, an identification can still usually be ascertain from the analysis.

We have three different services: Standard speed (7-10 days); Expedited (speed 3-5 days); and Rush (1-2 Next Day Service). This is based on the time of arrival to our facility of your specimen.

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