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World Stromatolite Collection

World Stromatolite Collection - New!
World Stromatolite Collection - New!
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Product Description

This Earth's early life stromatolite collection contains 15 stromatolites from various localities from around the world.

The specimens of stromatolites contained in this collection are as follows:

#1 - Collenia undosa, Biwabik Formation, Precambrian, 2.1 Billion, Biwabik, Minnesota

#2 - Tetradium cellulosum, Pooleville Member, Bromide Formation, Middle Ordovician, Oklahoma

#3 - Ozarkcollenia latimarginata, Ketcherside Tuff, Precambrian, 1.5 Billion, Iron County, Missouri

#4 - Hindia sphaeroidalis, Cravat Member, Bois d'Arc Formation, Lower Devonian, Oklahoma

#5 - Actinostroma expansum, Shell Rock Limestone, U. Devonian, Nora Springs, Iowa

#6 - Stromatopora sp., Beech River Formation, Brownsport Group, Upper Silurian, Cayugan, Tennessee

#7 - Conophyton sp. Precambrian - 2 billion years, Bolivia, South America

#8 - Gunflint Stromatolite, Gunflint Formation, Paleoproterozoic, Schreiber, Ontario, Canada

#9 - Amsdenoides acutiannulatum - Lobelville Formation, Brownsport Group, Upper Silurian , Cayugan, Tennessee

#10 - North Pole Stromatolite - North Pole Dome, Dresser Formation, Western Australia, Archean 3.5 Billion Years

#11 - Fig Tree Chert Stromatolite - Fig Tree Group, Swaziland Supergroup, Barberton Mountain Land, South Africa, 3.1-3.5 Billion

#12 - Asperia ashburtonia - Duck Creek Dolomite, Paraburdoo, Australia, Precambrian

#13 - "Horse Tooth" Stromatolite - Orkney, Yesnaby, Scotland, Devonian

#14 - Chlorellopsis coloniata, Marphouka Village, Kerch, Crimea, Miocene

#15 - Chlorellopsis coloniata, Green River Formation, Wyoming, (green algae), Eocene

Each specimen is housed in a 1 1/4 inch (32mm) disc container. Each has its name on the side with formation, age, and location.

Size of box: 11" L X 6 3/4" W X 1 1/2" H

This is our last world stromatolite collection. Certificate of Authenticity included!

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