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Quality World Minerals, Rocks and Gems Collection Display XL

WORLD Minerals, Rocks and Gems Collection XL
WORLD Minerals, Rocks and Gems Collection XL
Item# JPT-78131
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Product Description

Quality World Minerals, Rocks and Gems Collection Display XL

THE Grand Collection, Comprehensive World Rocks, Minerals and Gems. This beautiful walnut display case contains 102 samples. Ships with information, and keys for locking the case. It is ready for wall hanging, and perfect for anyone fascinated by the earth sciences.

Size: 24" L X 18"W X 2"D

Clear see-through glass/polymer. Shipping weight: 15 lbs

NOW Contains: Meteorite (stoney, iron, pallasite, allende), Kimberlite (diamond pipe), acasta gneiss (one of the oldest rocks), anorthosite (earth analog crust of the moon), andesite (common Mars rock), Libyan Desert Glass, jade, amethyst, lapis, tephra, fulgurite (lightning sand, manganese nodule (Pacific Ocean floor), and much, much more! Ships with information sheet, discussing which is igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic and more! No toxic pieces. A unique collection of Earth's most fascinating rocks and minerals.

NOTE: Please call TO ORDER! We make these on per-order basis and the turn around time is about one week. Order by December 3rd, if you want it on time for Christmas.

THE most diverse, informative and interesting geological wall display available!