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White Smoker Vent Chimney Freshwater Wyoming

White Smoker Vent Chimney Freshwater Wyoming
White Smoker Vent Chimney Freshwater Wyoming
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Product Description

White Smoker Vent Chimney Freshwater Wyoming
“White smokers" are the cooler cousins of black smokers. These vents release cooler water then "black smokers.” The vents in freshwater lakes contain more barium, calcium and silicon. These elements also have a white color, causing a white "smoke” when they are under water. White smokers also create white smoker chimney pipes, which are typically smaller.

This particular type of "white smoker" material is from a preserved freshwater vent from ancient Lake Gosiute, the Green River Eocene, Wyoming. Lake Gosiute is roughly 50 million years old. Some "smokers" will have ostracodes preserved in them, and will exhibit calcite crystals. These crystals were the last of the minerals to come out of suspension as the lake dried up and fossilized in the process.

Although both "black smokers" and "white smokers" are different colors and have different elements, they both are breeding grounds for a unique ecosystem that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Size: 183mm L x 70mm W X 68mm D, Weight: 775 grams or 1.71 lbs.

Arrives with tag and Certificate of Authenticity. Photo cube not included.

This very unique specimen would make a very interesting addition to a serious geological collection relating to Early Life on Earth. FREE SHIPPING PRIORITY MAIL IN USA

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