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Wabar Glass The Empty Quarter Saudi Arabia for Sale

Wabar Glass - Saudi Arabia
Wabar Glass - Saudi Arabia
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Wabar Glass - Saudi Arabia
Wabar Glass is among the top rarest meteorite impact crater materials in the world. The black melted glass intermixed with the vitreous white limestone makes this vesiculated impact material very unique.

What is Wabar Glass? A large massive iron meteorite fell in the Rub'Al-Khali desert of Saudi Arabia about 6,000 years ago. It created 3 known crater. The sand was heated upon impact and fused to create glass impactites which were strewn for hundreds of miles. Different forms of impactite were created from this impact: black vitreous glass that was intermixed with bubbly white sandstone fragments and other melt glass that was interspersed with sand grains and iron material. The high temperatures also caused the white sandstone to bubble and froth, giving it a very unique appearance.

Weight: 1.134 grams, Size: 17mm L X 12mm W X 12mm D

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, tag, disc case and information about the specimen. Tag stand included. Photo cube and white display stand not included. Legally obtained from a scientific institution.

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