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Vredefort Crater Impact Structure Melt Rock

Vredefort Crater Impact Polished Melt Rock Polished Pseudotachylite
Vredefort Crater Impact Polished Melt Rock Polished Pseudotachylite
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Vredefort Crater Impact Polished Melt Rock Polished Pseudotachylite
The Vredefort Crater or dome is currently the official largest and among the oldest known meteorite impact structures in the world.

It is located in the Free State Province of South Africa and is named after the town of Vredefort, which is situated near its center.

The crater has a diameter of roughly 155 - 186 miles, larger than the 124 miles diameter Sudbury Crater, and the 106 miles diameter "dinosaur killing" Chicxulub crater.

This makes Vredefort the largest known verified impact structure on Earth (though the Wilkes Land crater in Antarctica, if confirmed to have been the result of an impact event, is even larger at 500 kilometers across).

The pseudotachylite in this specimen was caused by shock metamorphism which occurred during the initial phase of the impact. The floor or wall of the crater was injected into the material creating a "vein-like" appearance. Pseudotachylite is an added bonus to have in any impact materials specimen.

The age is estimated to be over 2 billion years, impacting during the Paleoproterozoic era. It is the second oldest known crater on the Earth, a little less than three hundred million years younger than the Suavjarvi crater in Russia.

This material was legally obtained and collected before 1999.

Size: 120mm H X 92mm W X 10mm D, Polished Both Sides!

Ships in a display box with Certificate of Authenticity, tag (shown), tag stand and information about the specimen. Photo cube not included and acrylic base not included.

Here is an opportunity to own a piece of one of the oldest and most important impact structures on Earth!

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