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Authentic Tunguska Wood Specimens for Sale

Authentic Tunguska Wood Specimens for Sale
Tunguska Wood Specimens

The specimen in this display is from the "Tunguska Event," which happened June 30, 1908. On that date "something" exploded 8 km above the Tunguska river. About 2,150 square kilometers of Siberian taiga were devastated and 80 million trees were overthrown, with many of them being charred or burnt. It had been unclear for a long time as to whether the great explosion was due to a comet, an asteroid, or something else.

Microremnants of the blast revealed that 95% of the spherules found embedded in the tree resin were of a extraterrestrial or micrometeoritic origin.

Upon careful inspection 28 elements were found to be present in the particles from the Tunguska tree resin. Some of these elements were: Fe, Ca, Al Si, Au, Cu, S, Zn, Cr, Ba, Ti, Ni, C and O. These elements are related to the Tunguska event and are probable constituents of the Tunguska Cosmic Body. This result is compatible with recent calculations showing that the Tunguska body could have been a normal density stony asteroid. The blast had the energy equivalent of a 20 megaton bomb.

Authentic Tunguska Wood For Sale
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Authentic Tunguska Wood - Sold!
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Authentic Tunguska Wood for Sale
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