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Tullimonstrum gregarium Tully Monster Fossil

Tullimonstrum gregarium Tully Monster Fossil for Sale
Tullimonstrum gregarium Tully Monster Fossil for Sale
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Product Description

Superb"Tullimonstrum gregarium" or Tully Monster Fossil For Sale

Tully monster is the abbreviated name for the state fossil for Illinois. It was first found in the late 1950s by Francis Tully, a fossil hunter and enthusiast. This incredible creature had no shell or backbone and lived in an ancient sea. It has an unknown ancestry and so far it is found nowhere else in the world, besides the state of Illinois.

The snout ended in a "jaw" that contained eight very small "teeth." The "tail" had three triangular fins.

This very special fossilized creature lived during the Pennsylvanian Period, about 300 million years ago.

The outline of the soft-bodied parts had been preserved and were discovered in the now world-famous reddish-brown nodules found along the banks of Mazon Creek, in Illinois.

Size (both sections together): 5 3/4"L X 2 1/2" W X 3/4" D

Ships with tag, information and COA Certificate of Authenticity. Stands not included.

Extremely rare fossil. This is the best one we have found. Excellent detail. Click on image to enlarge.