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Triceratops Frill Section, Hell Creek Montana USA

Triceratops Frill Section, Montana USA
Triceratops Frill Section, Montana USA
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Triceratops Frill Section, Montana USA
Triceratops horridus frill section, Montana Hell Creek Formation, Montana

This is a professionally prepared, large Triceratops frill section. Great coloring and visible blood grooves can be seen covering all sides of this superb specimen. This frill section looks absolutely great on the front and back! Great detailing can easily be seen. This frill section came from the Hell Creek Formation, Carter County, Montana.

Triceratops is one of the most recognized and famous dinosaurs among both young and old! The name Triceratops translated from Greek means "three-horned face." It roamed North America during the Late Cretaceous (around 68-66 mya), and was most likely the last known non-avian dinosaur genera to survive before the great extinction. Triceratops became extinct during the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, 66 million years ago. The largest predator that Triceratops had was probably T-rex. Triceratops possesses many similarities to our modern-day rhinoceros.

The functions of the frills and three distinctive facial horns on its head have long inspired debate. Scientists believe that they could have been used for fighting, courtship or decorative/ identification purposes between individuals. Triceratops are estimated to have reached up to 29.5 ft in length, 9.8 ft in height, and weighting up to 13,000- 26,000 lbs making them one of the largest land animals that have ever lived. The largest known skull is estimated to have been 8.2 ft in length and would have extended almost a third of the length of the mature individual. The pointed horns were approximately 3 ft long. With its sturdy build and powerful legs they were shaped something like a giant bull dog with a very modified head.

Size of specimen: 3 1/2 " W X 4 " H X 1 1/4" D

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, Tag and information about the specimen

Stands and cube not included.

This specimen was legally collected on private land. Free priority mailing in the USA.

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