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TNT Cone Explosive Pseudo Shatter Cone Glover Bluff Impact Structure Wisconsin

TNT Cone Explosion Shatter Cone Glover Bluff Impact Structure Wisconsin
TNT Cone Explosion Shatter Cone Glover Bluff Impact Structure Wisconsin
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TNT Cone Explosion Shatter Cone Glover Bluff Impact Structure Wisconsin
As if true meteorite impact shatter cones weren't unique enough to find at an impact site, the company stumbled across one of the very few known, intact TNT shatter cones EVER found.

While looking for shatter cones and impact breccia at the Glover Bluff impact site, located in Glover Bluff Wisconsin, there was found among the mound of strewn quarry rocks a strange cone-shaped imprint that resembled something - of probably fossil origin.

The cone shape of the rock and the very odd flower-like design imprinted into the apex soon baffled impact scientists, geologists, fossil hunters and mining engineers around the world. In current literature there were no logical leads.

Finally a paper published, in 1968, by Robert S. Dietz, the grandfather of impact science, solved the mystery. This is one of a very few examples of a "TNT cone" - a mechanically made pseudo-shatter cone. It was formed during quarry operations several decades ago. The round apex was actually the bottom of a drill hole as the dynamite sticks would have been dropped down the hole, coming to rest on the drill bit, forming this patterned surface at the bottom. The flower design on the top is actually the imprint of the final few strokes made by the reciprocating, star-shaped drill bit, before the actual TNT explosion.

This specimen is the original TNT shatter cone found at this impact site. We hired a chain saw expert to separate it from its very large parent rock. It is a geological phenomena, as very, very few are ever found and most are shattered beyond recognition.

Size: 8"W X 8" L X 4" D, Weight: 5.4 lbs.

Ships with tag, tag stand, information, Certificate of Authenticity, and drill bit. Photo cube not included.

Here is an extremely rare opportunity to own one of the most unique pseudo-shatter cones available. This specimen is absolutely terrific to compliment any serious geological collection. The star bit is included and helps broaden the story about impact events, and other ways patterns seem to form in nature. Only 1 available.

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