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Authentic Fossil Titanosaur Eggshell Patagonia

Fossil Titanosaur Eggshell Patagonia
Fossil Titanosaur Eggshell Patagonia
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Fossil Titanosaur Eggshell Patagonia
Authentic Fossil Titanosaur Eggshell Patagonia

There is partial coverage of egg shell on the front and full coverage of shell on the back (see photos).

High Quality Fossil Dinosaur Egg Shell - Titanosaur (Undescribed Sauropod), Late Cretaceous, Rio Colorado Formation, Auca Mahuevo, Patagonia. The Titanosaurs were the last great group of sauropods before the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, about 90–66 million years ago and were the dominant herbivores of their time. The fossil evidence suggests they replaced the other sauropods, like the Diplodocids and the Brachiosaurids, which died out between the late Jurassic and the mid-Cretaceous Periods. Their remains have been found on all the continents.

Size: 58mm L X 46mm W X 20mm D, Weight: 43.7 grams

Ships in a display case with information and Certificate of Authenticity.

Extremely nice specimen. Stands and cube not included. Obtained in a materials trade with a scientific institution.

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