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Tektite and Moldavite Jewelry and Stones

Tektites Moldavites Jewelry Stones
Tektites and Moldavites make some of the most interesting stones in the world! They make beautiful Tektite jewelry and Moldavite jewelry, in either sterling silver or 14k gold. Both tektites and moldavites were naturally created by a cosmic invader, either meteorite or comet, impacting the earth. The resulting ejected material was super-heated by the hyper-velocity impact, thrown high into the atmosphere - and cooled into droplets and shapes of different sizes and forms. They vast majority of tektites have been found in Tibet and Southern China, but tektites have been discovered in a few other places around the world as well. Moldavites are a type of tektite that have been mainly found in the Czech Republic.

We have a variety of tektite and moldavite jewelry to select from, as well as some beautiful stones that vary in shape and size. These gemstones make interesting and memorable gifts.

Premium Tektite Jewelry Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Large
Regular price: $245.00
Sale price: $212.95
Tektite Stretch Tektite Tibetan Jewelry Pendant Necklace
Regular price: $199.95
Sale price: $165.00