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Premium Tektite Jewelry Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Large

Celestial Tektite Jewelry Sterling Silver Large
Celestial Tektite Jewelry Sterling Silver Large
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Celestial Tektite Jewelry Sterling Silver Large
Tektites make interesting and awesome jewelry because they were formed from a cosmic event. Tektites are the cooled and shaped ejected glass remains that were initially created by the heat of a meteorite or comet impact. The name of the tektite comes from the Greek “tektos” and is translated “melted."

This tektite jewelry is an authentic Indochinite tektite. It was hand wire wrapped in a fancy elegant curving loop design with sterling silver wire. This relatively large Indochinite is dark black, flat and exceedingly well shaped. It has pronounced "dimples" and wavy surfaces, which were formed an estimated 700,000 years ago.

Indochinite tektites are found in a strewn field on the Indochinese peninsula, that ranges from Australia and the Pacific islands of Micronesia to China and Indonesia.

Size of tektite pendant: 3" L X 1 1/2" W X 3/8" D, Weight: Approximately 28 grams.

Arrives with black cord chain with stainless steel lobster claw clasps. You do have the choice in the checkout process of selecting different length chains for free. Recommended chain lengths: 20", 22", 24", 28", 32".

This premium, fashionable tektite jewelry arrives in a beautiful jewelry box with Certificate of Authenticity and information about tektites. Suitable for day or evening wear.

Tektite Lore and Healing Properties: Tektites have been prized by ancient people, probably as far back as the Early Paleolithic period when they were used as sharp-edged tools, arrowheads, and as amulets. Tibetan tektites is the name given to a black and brown/black tektites found in Tibet and southern China region. Tektites, worn as jewelry defends you in your daily living and strengthens your aura and your energy. Tektites help to strengthen our environmental awareness, awareness of nature, and the Earth.

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