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Sudbury Meteorite Impact Crater Shatter Cone Large

Large Sudbury Impact Crater Shatter Cone
Large Sudbury Impact Crater Shatter Cone
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Large Sudbury Impact Crater Shatter Cone
There is a certain beauty, maybe even magnificence in shatter cones. They are one of the most unique geological art forms of nature, the final signature of the Earth yielding to the sky as rock is transformed by an impact. The rock is heated, rustled and tumbled with whip crack precision. When all is quiet, the record left of the event is in the form of detailed horse-tailed patterns on rock formed in the meteorite crater.

Some patterns are vague and hard to see even in the best of light - left behind as almost a whisper, while others are deep and pronounced. A lot depends on the type of rock that is involved, the angle and speed of the impactor, and more. Racing across the sky as a meteor could not be an easy job in Earth's atmosphere, and there are so many of them that are lost to the oceans, seas, and lakes. Our imagination comes to life when we find these important geological specimens and hold them in our hands, as impacts have fashioned Earth's history from the times of early heavy bombardment until even scientifically promising threats in our present era.

The Sudbury Impact Structure is a major geological structure located in Ontario, Canada. It is the third-largest known impact crater or astrobleme on Earth, as well as one of the oldest. The impact occurred in the Paleoproterozoic era, about 1.8 billion years ago.

Shatter cones are conical fractures with typical markings produced by shock waves, and they belong to the regular macroscopic shock inventory in rocks of meteorite or comet impact origins. Distinctive, classic shatter cone "horsetailing" is easily and prominently seen in this specimen. The all-natural reddish, brown, and tan color tones accentuate its natural beauty.

The Sudbury region is a major mining community and is a supplier of one of the world's richest nickel and copper ores deposits. Most of these mineral deposits are found on the outer rim of the basin.

This specimen is large and attractive with distinctive characteristics.

Shatter Cone Size: 7 1/2" H X 6" W X 3 1/8" D, Weight: 3.1 lbs

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity and scientific tag. Stand included. Photo cube not included.

Legally collected.

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