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Large Sumerian Cuneiform Archaeology Medical Tablet Prescription Reproduction

Large Sumerian Cuneiform Archaeology Medical Tablet
Large Sumerian Cuneiform Archaeology Medical Tablet
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Product Description

Large Sumerian Cuneiform Archaeology Medical Tablet
This large cuneiform writing tablet describes ancient Sumerian prescriptions. These wedge-shaped marks in clay were written with a stylus sharp-ended reed. This Sumerian medical tablet details how to make poultices, devise internal remedies and more complex passages involving washings and treatments.

Sumerian physicians, by 2100 B.C.E., had compiled their own ancient version of the "materia medica." Mineralogical, botanical and zoological sources of knowledge was used to help heal the sick and the ailing in ancient times. This tablet details 15 various prescriptions for the physician to use.

This Sumerian cuneiform archaeological medical tablet size is: 6" H X 3 1/2 " W X 1" D. It is a professional cast reproduction from the original, at the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

The Sumerian medical tablet ships with a 5-page color printout entitled "The World's Oldest Known Prescription" written by Dr. Samuel Noah Kramer, once considered to be one of the foremost Sumerologists, in the United States.

Descriptive tag and Dr. Kramer's work is included. Stands included!

This colorful and interesting Sumerian archaeology cuneiform tablet professional cast reproduction would make the ideal gift for a physician, archaeology enthusiast, ancient history aficionado, or someone in the health science fields.


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