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Sumerian Legal Tablet predates Hammurabi Code

Sumerian Legal Tablet predates Hammurabi Code
Sumerian Legal Tablet predates Hammurabi Code
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Product Description

Sumerian Legal Tablet predates Hammurabi Code
This reproduction of a Sumerian law tablet dates from about 1860 B.C.E.. The tablet's inscriptions describe one of the oldest documented laws in history. It predates the Code of Hammurabi (1754 B.C.E.) by a little over 100 years. The tablet was recovered in Nippur, Iraq, during a University excavation.

The style of writing on this ancient tablet is called cuneiform. It is used by many distinctive languages over a period of about 3,000 years. Cuneiform was written by scribes using a stylus, a sharp ended reed, which made distinct indentations that looked wedge-shaped in clay. These clay tablets were used by the Sumerians for trade, recording administrative duties, legal and medical matters as well as general correspondence, royal inscriptions, and literature.

The laws on the tablet are from the Laws of Lipit-ishtar, who was the fifth ruler of the 1st Dynasty of Isin (1934-1924 B.C.E.). During his rule, the city of Isin was politically and militarily dominant and a major center for the worship. The Law of Lipit-Ishtar follows the laws written by Ur-Nammu (2112-2095 B.C.E.) and pre-dates the Code of Hammurabi. These collected laws attested to the king’s attention to the socioeconomic well-being of his people. They described the implementation of justice and equity in his realm.

Size: 4" L X 2 1/2" W X 1 1/8" D. Ships with detailed information about this cast reproduction cuneiform tablet with tag. The original is in the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Tag and stands included!

This interesting and professionally done Sumerian archaeology cuneiform tablet cast reproduction would make the ideal gift for someone in the legal profession, history buff, and archaeology enthusiast.

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