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Dichroic Glass Nazca Lines Spiral Geoglyph Jewelry

Nazca Lines Spiral Dichroic Glass Jewelry
Nazca Lines Spiral Dichroic Glass Jewelry
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Product Description

Diachoric glass is a great way to create jewelry with sacred and symbolic ceremonial jewelry meaning. The Nazca lines are located on the Peruvian coastal plain and have been the subject of scientific conjecture for a long time. Estimates suggest they were created between 500 B.C. and A.D. 500.

These geoglyphs depict everything from imaginary beings, extraterrestrial symbols (perhaps), animals, plants, and various geometric figures, with an estimated 100 being found in total. The Spiral is one of these shapes.

Includes Pendant Title, information about diachroic glass, Sterling Silver Bail (top hoop) with your choice of length of black cord necklace with quality stainless steel lobster claw clasp. Size: 1 1/2" L X 3/4" W X 3/8"D

While originally created for scientific purposes, dichroic glass entered the art industry in the past few decades as more companies mastered the process of creating beautiful colors and patterns. It is the flexibility of being able to create so many diverse patterns, colors, and designs that make it a great choice for making astronomical jewelry. The process for creating dichroic glass is thought to date back to the 4th century AD.

Ships with an attractive jewelry box, chain, information about Nazca Line and COA Dreamtimes Studio.


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