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Stromatolites are one of the earliest forms of life on the young earth. They have been found all over the world and have various ages and appearances. At Sciencemall-usa we have a wide assortment of sizes, ages, and locations to chose from for the avid stromatolite enthusiast.

The stromatolites for sale on our website are shipped with certificates of authenticity, information, and description.

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Fig Tree Chert Large Stromatolite
Regular price: $220.00
Sale price: $195.00
Large Stromatolite Ancient Life Display Specimen - New!
Regular price: $220.00
Sale price: $195.00
Stromatolite "Horse Tooth" Scotland
Stromatolite Conophyton basaltic Australia
Regular price: $95.00
Sale price: $85.00
Asperia ashburtonia stromatolite
Regular price: $115.00
Sale price: $95.00
Stromatolite Eocene Wyoming Large Hand Specimen
Regular price: $135.00
Sale price: $125.00
Large Stromatolite Freshwater Lake Wyoming 20 lbs
Regular price: $595.00
Sale price: $565.00
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