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Stevens Klint K-Pg Boundary XXL

Stevens Klint K-Pg Boundary X-large
Stevens Klint K-Pg Boundary X-large
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Stevens Klint K-Pg Boundary X-large
Stevens Klint K-Pg Boundary for Sale Extra Large

The famous K-Pg Boundary is scattered throughout the world. This boundary contains a higher concentration of iridium than terrestrial materials. High amounts of iridium are considered to be the "signature" for asteroidal impact, and is especially linked to the time of the demise of the age of dinosaurs. The Stevns-Klint in Denmark has a thin clay layer called the Fish Clay, which is between the Maastrichtian chalk and Danian Cerithium Limestone, and marks the Maastrichtian-Danian interval. The background iridium level at the Stevns-Klint is as high as 160pbb. Gubbio has concentrations of 9 ppb, and Spain, as high as 450 pbb. The amount of ppb's of iridium in various K-Pg boundaries around the world vary. The original impact crater’s origin is Chicxulub, off the Yucatan peninsula. Authenticity Jensan Scientifics

Ships with information, Tag, Certificate of Authenticity.

Collected by a geological professional, circa 2004.

Size: 4" W X 2" H X 1 3/8" D, Weight: 7.9 ounces or 224 grams.

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