Our online science mall at sciencemall-usa.com is a geek gift store for the adult science enthusiast, science educator, and science researcher. Our mission is to provide science gifts, science educational products, meteorites, necklace, pendant, earrings, and fulgurite lightning sand jewelry. We also sell school geology rock and mineral specimens, rare mineral matrix specimens, pallasites, tektites, Libyan Desert Glass, fulgurite lightning sand, Lichtenberg figures, Titanic coal, school rock collections, manganese nodules, elements of the periodic table, fossils and legal historical artifacts. Rare earth rock specimens such as ancient life stromatolites (earth's earliest life), shatter cones, banded iron formation, Greenstone belt BIF banded iron formation, KT/boundary, K-Pg boundary, radioactive minerals, science art posters, prints, curio desk displays, science jewelry pendant necklace earrings, hand crafted artisan jewelry for KennedyCoJewelry, are also our specialty.

Store Security, Polices, Help Desk Returns

Store Security, Polices, Help Desk Returns
Store Security, Store Policies and Returns

Who We Are: We are dedicated to serving the science enthusiast, scientists, scientific collectors, college, universities, planetariums, discovery centers, field museums, Hollywood Movie Studios and more - and have been doing so for over 20 years!

Website updates occur throughout the month, as new inventory is listed.

Store Security - We are triply secured and all correspondences and transactions stay in-house and there is absolutely no marketing. This is our guarantee!

We do ship Priority and Expedite Mail Worldwide, insured, trackable.

Total customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our site is Safe, Private, Secure, and is FULLY Encrypted. You will never be put on any customer list of any sort.

SHIPPING: is calculated in the shipping table at checkout. Most shipping is Free unless it is shipping internationally.

Product Satisfaction is Guaranteed! We work hard to make our products great, of highest scientific value and proper authenticity. We value the integrity of our work and are committed to an exceptionally high standard of excellence.

How are you sure that your shipment will arrive intact? We have been international professional shippers for over 20 years.

RETURN POLICY? Jewelry is NOT returnable. Period. It is all custom made and we put a lot of time, work, quality and skill into each and every piece.

You must contact us within 48 hours of receipt of shipment for returns of any other kind, if you are not satisfied with the product for legitimate reasons, for return instructions.

What is our "restocking fee" if you simply "do not need or do not like the product" - even though you received exactly what you ordered and did not contact us within a 48 hour window of receipt for a returns? Our restocking fee after that 48 hour window is 20% -35%, depending on the reason for the return. The products are always adequately described and the item is accurately described and professionally mastered. Our standards of product quality are extremely high and our pictures are professionally done and correctly represented.

If you contact us within 48 hours of receipt then for most reasons the restocking fee is 18%-33%.

Please call our business number: 252-987-3047 for an authorization number for a return. If you do not do this we risk the item being lost or damaged and you lose your ability to get a reduced restocking fee or credit for your item.

Please note: ALL Fulgurite lightning sand and jewelry sales are Final.

Custom Orders are not returnable, as they were custom-made per request.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: What happens if I return the item without authorization? If the customer sends back the return without an authorization number they run the risk of US not being aware of its return, and it being lost or damaged. We are also allowed to chose the restocking fee rate of up to 45% for not going through the proper channels, so please call first. Thank you.

Please go through the proper channels, as we want to ensure your COMPLETE satisfaction with your order and provide great customer satisfaction.

PRODUCT CONDITION: All items returned must arrive back to us in new condition and in the same secure method in which it was shipped. If it was taped you need to tape it, if it had packing peanuts it needs to have packing peanuts. Common sense practices helps ensure your refund and are recognized as common courtesy to the vendor and helps ensure the items protection.

LOST SHIPMENT: If you have not received your order after 10 days from date of purchase and not reported to us as being MISSING it cannot be our responsibility. You must report the incident to us, as our volume of shipments does not give us time to track each one. We are able to do an in-depth investigation of shipment if required.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY - You are responsible for picking your orders up if a signature confirmation is required. Most items valued over $50 will usually require a signature of receipt for your protection. Any order not received after 15 days from date of purchase and not reported to us as being MISSING is NO LONGER our responsibility.

Special order items and/or any items over $150 in value that are either gold or silver items are not returnable after the customer receives it. These items are too difficult to resell unless they are entirely new, as we only sell new items.

CATALOGS: NO paper catalogs are available as our product line varies. Everything is on-line.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hold ourselves to excellent customer service standards and have a professional and prompt response team coupled with superb service. We do have technical people on-staff to help you with any questions.

Thank you for shopping with Sciencemall-usa.com where quality and authenticity is guaranteed!

Thank you for shopping at Sciencemall-USA.com - A Covid-19 Free Facility!