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Large Stromatolite Ancient Life Display Specimen - New!

Large Stromatolite Ancient Life Display Specimen - New!
Large Stromatolite Ancient Life Display Specimen - New!
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Large Stromatolite Ancient Life Display Specimen - New!
This is a great stromatolite microbial mat early life, large hand display specimen. You can easily see the microbial mat structures in this display piece. This large stromatolite has well preserved laminations and makes a dynamic addition to any serious fossil geological collection (especially one on stromatolites or Early Life).

This Eocene stromatolite is named Chlorellopsis colonia Reis. It grew in a number of phases that were related to the depth of the freshwater that they inhabited. This one is from Lake Gosiute, Ft. Laclede bed, Laney member, Bridger A-B of the Green River Eocene and is a marvel of microbial mat preservation.

The fascinating story of ancient freshwater Lake Gosiute of SW Wyoming's Eocene is larger than the lake itself (45,000 sq.mi.) It was a "stromatolite heaven" some 45-52 million years ago. Volcanic ash filled in the very shallow lake covering it a mile deep in ash that has since eroded off to expose the lake bed of today. The silica rich ash provided excellent preservation of the many phases of the Chlorellopsis colonia Reis stromatolites of the shallow (60' maximum depth) lake.

SIZE: About 9" L X 5 1/2" W X 2" D; Weight:1330 grams or 2.9 lbs.

Ships with wooden display stand, Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand and geological information about the significance of the specimen.

Note: This stromatolite has a light clear cote matte finish to enhance the detail of the specimen. The finish is re-moveable, but most prefer the finish.

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