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Stromatolite from China

Stromatolite From China
Stromatolite From China
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Product Description

Baicalia sp. Stromatolite

This stromatolite was collected near Beijing, Peoples Republic of China. The oval to circular, darker reddish-brown structures in the matrix are bacterial fossil nodules, referred to as Baicalia sp. These may be what are commonly called algal balls, formed by separate colonies of prokaryotic, photosynthetic bacterial, e.g., likely to be cyanobacteria, the primitive organisms that largely produced Earth's atmospheric oxygen. Alternatively, the distinct structures within the stromatolite could signify temporal variation of growth patterns in a large global colony that resulted due to changing conditions in the benthic environment.

This beautiful specimen has been polished to a mirror finish. The back is natural. Stand and cube not included.

Age: Precambrian (1.5 billion years old)

Size: 69mmH X 50mm W X 7mm D, Weight: 67 grams

Location: Wumishan Formation, near Beijing, China

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