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Allende Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace 14k Gold

Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14k Pendant Necklace Chain
Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14k Pendant Necklace Chain
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Product Description

Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14k Pendant Necklace Chain
This is a small cabochon setting, 14k gold Allende Pendant meteorite jewelry pendant necklace. The white portion of this meteorite drapes a dark background to make it look as if it is the Milky Way, firmament in the sky. It is not hard to imagine the cosmic implications for this jewelry, as Allende is one of the most famously studied meteorites known. An Allende meteorite that looks this attractive is exceptionally hard to find as jewelry.

The Allende meteorite is not known for its beauty but for its scientific value and cosmic significance. Allende is very rich in nano-diamonds which are far too small to see (only one thousand atoms or so across). These diamonds are extremely precious because they contain a lot of unusual characteristics which have led scientists to think that they may have formed long before the material that actually made the meteorite did. The Allende meteorite also contains Calcium Aluminum Inclusions, or CAI's. These are white in color and also predate the age of our solar system. In fact, they could have formed around an ancient supernova which, at the end of its life, spewed out material that eventually became incorporated into our solar system, and certain meteorites. It is so cool to think about how the material in the Allende meteorite contains pre-solar material, actual "stardust."

Pendant size: 7/8" L X 3/8" W X 1/8" D

This small Allende meteorite jewelry 14k gold pendant is suited for the person who likes small jewelry. It arrives with an attractive jewelry box, information about the Allende meteorite and a Certificate of Authenticity. Free small quality 18" gold chain included.

Great jewelry for people who love science and astronomy.

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