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Slate Island Shatter Cone

Slate Island Shatter Cone - Sold!
Slate Island Shatter Cone - Sold!
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Slate Island Shatter Cone

The Slate Islands mark the center of a large meteorite impact crater. The original crater rim is estimated at about 20 mi in diameter, but this and most of the crater has subsequently eroded away, leaving the islands which are interpreted as a central uplift. The age of the impact event is estimated to be about 450 million years (Ordovician). Another source estimates the age at 800-500 million years (late Proterozoic to early Paleozoic). It may be one of several Middle Ordovician meteors that fell roughly simultaneously 469 million years ago, part of a proposed Ordovician meteor event, including the Decorah crater in Iowa, the Ames crater in Oklahoma, and the Rock Elm crater in Wisconsin.

The islands are not made of slate with the rock being mainly metamorphosed volcanic rocks greater than 2.7 billion years old. Also present are sedimentary rocks of the Rove and Gunflint formations, approximately 1.85-2.10 billion years old.

Size: 1 3/4" H X 2 5/8" W X 1 3/8" D, 84 grams

Legally obtained in a scientific trade with an institution. Collected in 1965. Ships with information, authenticity, tag and stand.

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