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Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Earrings Set 14K Gold

Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Earrings Set 14K Gold
Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Earrings Set 14K Gold
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Product Description

The Sikhote-Alin meteorites are among the prettiest iron cosmic space rocks that have ever impacted our planet! The fiery bolide that created these meteorites imprinted a large, distinct trail across the Siberian skies with a smoke trail that lasted for hours and was about 20 miles long. It was observed during a daytime fall in the Sikhote-Alin mountains, Russia, on February 12, 1947.

The Sikhote-Alin meteorites are unique among meteorites as their size and shape have varied between being shrapnel like and thumbprinted (or regmaglypted). Scientists think that this asteroid's origin was most likely the asteroid belt in our solar system, located between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

The meteorites in this custom Sikhote-Alin jewelry pendant necklace earrings set are regmaglypted. They have a great deal of character. The earrings are very similar in size and shape and the custom 14K gold hand wire wrapped style makes them exotic and rare as meteorite jewelry.

Pendant size: 35mm L (1 3/8 inches) X 18mm W (3/4 inches) X 10mm D (3/8 inches). Weight: 10.6 grams; Earrings Size: About 1" L X 1/2 "W X 1/4" D. Weight of both earrings: 7.7 grams. Both meteorites in the earrings are very similar in weight and size. Hand wire wrapped. Difficult to find in 14K gold. Chain not included.

Suitable as a gift for birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, and for special occasions.

Ships in an attractive jewelry box with information and certificate of authenticity (COA).

Meteorites are believed to be small fragments of asteroids, broken off and ejected mainly from the asteroid belt. They are about seven hundred million years older than the oldest rocks on Earth, making them, in our brief lifetimes “eternal.”

Metaphysical lore: Meteorites bring energy from the universe. They ground creative and emotional energies. They help us to focus on our purpose on this planet. They are thought to encourage endurance, stamina and introspection.

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