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Shokugan Faience Amulet in the shape of an Ankh

Shokugan Faience Amulet in the shape of an Ankh
Shokugan Faience Amulet in the shape of an Ankh
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Product Description

Shokugan Faience Amulet in the shape of an Ankh

The amulet expresses more than just the value of the ankh hieroglyph (meaning 'life').

Combined with ankh are: the Was-sceptre; the hieroglyph for 'stability.' The heh, a man with upraised arms. The hieroglyph for 'millions' and the whole object taken together represents a wish of 'life, power and stability for millions of years'.

This is a very common type of Egyptian royal expression. Details: Length 23.5 cm

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