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Giant Kentland Indiana Shatter Cone

Large Kentland Indiana Shatter Cone - New!
Large Kentland Indiana Shatter Cone - New!
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Large Kentland Indiana Shatter Cone - New!
This is a beautiful “classic” shatter cone that is ivory white and is from Kentland, Indiana. It has fantastic characteristic "horsetailing” and is a premium specimen for this meteorite impact locality. This specimen has a naturally flattened base, so it is easier to display.

Shatter cones are conical fractures with typical markings produced by shock waves, and they belong to the regular macroscopic shock inventory in rocks of meteorite or comet impact structures. They have been observed in rocks shocked in explosions of nuclear tests and have experimentally been produced in the laboratory. The required shock pressure is estimated between roughly 20 and 200 kbar with the apex of the cones pointing to the shock source, but irregular orientations and even counter orientation are frequent.

The Kentland impact site is a highly eroded complex crater. The disturbance is about 8 miles in diameter with the core of the site in Ordovician rocks in the Prairie Du Chien through Maquoketa Groups. Surrounding the core are Silurian rocks consisting of dolomite and Kokomo Limestone.

Size: 220mm L X 90mm H X 50mm D, Weight: 2.8 lbs

Ships with information, Kentland Indiana shatter cone tag, and Certificate of Authenticity. Tag stand included. Stand not included.

This is a large, quality museum display specimen.

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