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Beaverhead Shatter Cone Beaverhead Montana Premium Large

Shatter Cone Beaverhead Montana Large 16 Pounds
Shatter Cone Beaverhead Montana Large 16 Pounds
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Product Description

The Beaverhead impact crater is located in the states of Montana and Idaho. This crater is the second largest impact crater in the USA (with Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater being the largest). The Beaverhead impact structure is about 37 miles wide and about 600 million years old.

Shatter cones are distinct, rare geological features found in rocks from impact craters. They are known to form in impact structures and underground nuclear explosions. Shatter cones are consider to be definitive evidence in rocks that have been deformed and subjected to incredible shock pressures.

This impact shatter cone has pronounced classic horse-tailing patterns. Both sides have the horse-tailing pattern. This beautiful red quartzite shatter cone was self-collected by the company on expedition on private land, with permission.

The rise of the Rocky Mountains distorted the crater, but scientists think that it was originally over 60 miles in diameter!

Size: 9" L X 9" W X 5" D, Weight: 16.8 lb

Ships with tag, tag stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

This shatter cone is very visually appealing and photogenic and would easily make an exceptional addition to any serious geological collection.

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