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Ruthenium - The Element In Leucite Disk

Ruthenium, The Element in Leucite Disk
Ruthenium, The Element in Leucite Disk
Item# JPT-ruthenium
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Product Description

Ruthenium - Ultra Rare Element From the Periodic Table

The element ruthenium is one of the most difficult elements to find to complete any periodic table collection sequence. Now you can achieve the difficult task of procuring it for your scientific portfolio - with this ultra-rare specimen!

Ruthenium from ultrabasic rocks placer deposit, Urals Region, Russia.

Extremely rare material and specimen, almost impossible to find.

Size: 25mm W X 10mm D

Specimen: About .06 mm L

Ships with information label and Certificate of Authenticity. Stand and cube not included.

It took us years to find this one. It has been in our scientific portfolio for about 10 years.

Ruthenium-based oxides have many interesting characteristics, the least of which is exotic superconductivity, quantum critical point behavior, and high-temperature ferromagnetism.

Obtained in a scientific trade with a professional scientific institution.