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RMS Titanic Sunken Shipwreck Coal Memorabilia Display Large

RMS Titanic Sunken Shipwreck Coal Memorabilia Display Large
RMS Titanic Sunken Shipwreck Coal Memorabilia Display Large
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Product Description

RMS Titanic Sunken Shipwreck Coal Memorabilia Display Large
The legacy of the famous RMS Titanic will live forever in history. There have been only a few shipwrecks in history as memorable as this one. Engineers constructed it to be unconquerable while crossing paths with deadly icebergs without harm. Turn of the century science with an indestructible hull made it seem to be the true iron maiden of the oceans.

Sadly, such was not the case. On April 10, 1912, on her maiden voyage with 2,224 people aboard, after only 4 days at sea while crossing the Atlantic Ocean, at 23:40 on April 14, 1912, she struck an iceberg and sank. By 2:20 the following morning she vanished from sight beneath the waves, resulting in the deaths of 1,514 people. Only 710 people survived - less than a third. It was the deadliest peacetime maritime disaster in known history. The high casualty rate was because there were not enough lifeboats. Due to the protocol to save women and children a disproportionate amount of the people lost were men.

Size of the display box with plexiglass cover: 3 1/2" W X 3 1/2" L X 3 3/8" H

Size of the sunken RMS Titanic Coal: 3/4" L X 3/4" W X 1/4" D

Inscription reads, "RMS Titanic Authentic Anthracite From the 1912 Maiden Voyage" Plaque commemorative date: "November 1996."

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity of Origin.

Very rare larger specimen, from this historic shipwreck! This is the only one available.


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